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By and By

By the roadside I am waiting

slowly smoking while it’s raining

Just existing


what in the world we've done

I am waiting for an evening

beyond worrying and dreaming

Oh, a life complete

in one heartbeat

in every setting sun

Oh, every day we work and strive

our lives are battles nine to five

in a sad pursuit

(to) leave the largest loot

when we die

As the drizzle slowly fading

by the roadside I am waiting

for a glimpse of sky

to be warm and dry

and loving by and by

By your bedside you stood naked

by the thunder you'd awakened


and rejected

by those you thought were true

You were hurting and forgetting

that just those that you were judging

in spite of lying

threats and crying

would keep on loving you

Oh, my beloved, you're crying now

I know you will forgive somehow

our souls will heal

our love anneal

if allowed

After quarrels, after fighting

consolation comes, and mending

Oh, we both will cry

we'll reconcile

and make up by and by

Oh, It's them or us, it's boom or bust

the earth a fractured speck of dust

what one attains

some will disdain

and distrust

After brawls and after battles

come the truces and the treaties

Oh, if we just try

they can't deny

us freedom by and by

Oh, If we just try

then you and I

will find love by and by

Music and Lyrics by Dan Hylander ©1994 Dan Hylander & Warner/Chapell

English translation ©2009 Monica Anderson