Susannah, forever

Another day of desert highways

the miles we've lost nobody can tell

I feel like I have filled my measure

of this endless row of run-down motels

But still is the evening and mild is the breeze

I stop, close my eyes, and recall

I fondle the turquoise you gave back to me

I go back to those days, just by touching,

(by) caressing

Oh, Susannah, so quiet, gentle and playful our game

Oh, Susannah, so eager, hungry and hot was our flame

(And) We dressed our pledges in flowers and silk

(For) We wanted the whole world to see

Oh, Susannah, forever, our innocence I recall 

How strange it is to not be near you

to be sad, betrayed, alone and forlorn

For the deeper we may grow together

the more we scar when apart we are torn

I've done everything that I wanted to do

I've sold every song that I wrote

My anger has faded, my sadness subdued

But I'll never be free from my longing

my yearning

Oh, Susannah, in stillness, we were both trembling like leaves

Oh, Susannah, in triumph, finally touching our dreams

Cuddling, caressing so curiously

Exploring how deep love could be

Oh, Susannah, forever, our innocence I recall 

Oh, Susannah, so quiet, soothing, and warm was the night

Oh, Susannah, so eager, soaring and joyful our flight

Oh, Susannah -- I still remember it all

Oh, Susannah -- I will remember it all